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About Groundbreaker Talents

Give the gift of opportunity!

🎓 Fund full-time IT scholarships for young talents from underprivileged communities in Uganda and engage your employees in our mentorship program.

Uganda's youth holds great potential for fostering the next generation of IT developers. Seeing the chances of the IT job market, we are looking to bridge the gap between sought-after skills and unmet potential. By providing a residential, hands-on technical training program, we can ensure access to education, financial independence, and the security to focus on and complete their studies. Consequently, it will serve as a talent pipeline, ensuring that they are ready to provide their skills to a local and global marketplace.

After completing the training, practical experience is gained in an internship, accompanied by coaching assistance to ensure that the talents are making the most out of this experience. Our ultimate goal is to get young people from underprivileged backgrounds into high-paid jobs and financial security.

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