Oznur & Serg´s - Wedding Fundraiser

About Oznur & Serg´s - Wedding Fundraiser

❤️Rather than spending money on gifts, we humbly ask you to consider donating to these life-changing initiatives we have chosen to support.

🏫Project 1: New Classrooms for Mukomari Primary School in Kenya
Mukomari primary school serves 485 students, which means the average number of learners per class is 53. Since there is no financial means 7 temporary classrooms are made of mud walls and are in very poor physical condition.

💚 We want to build six additional classrooms and an additional sanitary block of 10 latrines. This allows us to create a learning environment that is suitable for children. In addition, part of the budget goes to teacher training to improve the quality of education.


🏫Project 2: New classrooms for Special Education in Bhutan
While this school is one of the best schools in terms of providing educational intervention services to children with various difficulties, the school lacks accessible classrooms for students to move from the general classes to the special education classes. The current special education classroom is located in a hilly area of the school, compromising the safety and proper accessibility for children with disabilities.

💚 To address this issue, we aim to construct six-unit accessible special education classrooms, including office blocks, as well as attached accessible WASH facilities. The classrooms will be connected through accessible footpaths and ramps. This project will directly benefit 43 students with disabilities and their seven teachers.


🏫Project 3: New classrooms for Kyerunga Primary School in Tanzania’s Kagera Region
The school lacks funds and sufficient infrastructure, and the large number of children attending school in this region has amplified challenges beyond the mere accessibility of schools. At this primary school alone, an average of 72 pupils share one classroom, and the current infrastructure is in rough condition.

💚 We want to build two fully furnished classrooms with 30 desks and blackboards. This will create an adequate school infrastructure that decreases the pupil classroom-ratio, allows the children to concentrate better on lessons, and receive more attention from the teacher. Therefore, the project leads to higher attendance rates, better grades, and ultimately better educational prospects beyond primary school.